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Vourvourou is a beautiful and quiet location, in the Eastern side of the Sithonia peninsula, with unique, clear beaches, embraced by the magnificent mountains of Sithonia. Vourvourou belongs to the municipal district of Agios Nikolaos and the Municipality of Sithonia in Chalkidiki. The closest airport is in Thessaloniki, at a 120 Km distance, while the capital of Chalkidiki, Polygiros is 50 Kms away from Vourvourou.

What to see/Sights


  • The cave of Petralona
  • Stageira, Home land of Aristotle
  • Holy Mountain
  • Villages with traditional Macedonian architecture

The broader area

  • Thessaloniki (monuments from the Hellenistic, Byzantine and Roman times)
  • Vergina
  • Pella
  • Meteora
  • Traditional villages

What to buy

  • Oil
  • Olives
  • Honey, especially from pine trees (from local producers or from the apicultural association of Nikiti)
  • Aromatic Herbs
  • Woven products

Where to go

  • Local feast in honor of Saint Paraskevi, on 26/7, in Agios Nikolaos
  • Local feast in honor of the Assumption of Mary, on 15/8, in Megali Panagia, Metamorfosi and Sarti
  • Local trade fair in Agios Mamas village, on 3-6/9
  • Open public markets: every Thursday in Agios Nikolaos and every Friday in Nikiti

Services/Useful telephone numbers

  • Health Centre in Agios Nikolaos, tel:+302375031588, 10Kms away from Vourvourou
  • General Hospital in Polygyros, tel.:+302371020101, 45Kms away from Vourvourou
  • Pediatrician in Nikiti, tel:+302375020108, +306970019772
  • Agios Nikolaos Police Station:+302375032410
  • Hellenic Post:+302375031491
  • Intercity Coaches-Buses Station:+302371022309